Pianist Maria Stoesser

Pianist Maria Stoesser

Pianist Maria Stoesser in a photo taken about 20 years after her 1941 Woman’s Club concert. Her family was instrumental in developing the Appleton Hotel (Wall Street Inn) and the historic downtown Stoesser block. 

75 years ago on March 8, 1941: Pianist Maria Stoesser provided a brilliant concert at the Watsonville Woman’s Club. She was introduced by program manager Mrs. William McGrath, and demonstrated more than mere technical proficiency, having the art of changing moods in a stylized manner emphasizing the grace and strength of her beautiful hands.

Miss Stoesser, daughter of Mrs. Otto Stoesser of Berkeley, is a Watsonville native, learning her scales from the sisters at Moreland Notre Dame, and has performed with the Northern California WPA Symphony.

For the past four years she has studied under Dr. Alexander Raab with his master classes in Berkeley, Chicago and New York.

The Woman’s Club meeting also saw the election of Mrs. F.E. Blaisdell as its president, succeeding Mrs. W.W. Goodrich, who presided. Other club officers elected included Mrs. Alvin Waugaman, Mrs. Leask Martinelli, Mrs. Ralph Friend and Mrs. John Porter.